Gescheitert oder gescheiter? Failed or prevailed? Together with Andreia Fernandes from Seabrand we’ll look at techniques that help you cope with entrepreneurial failure and mistakes as an entrepreneur or as an entrepreneurial team and elaborate your personal toolbox for when times get hard.

You’ll get to know the fail forward approach. A practical tool based on the Dinosaur Principle and pre-mortem, techniques of working backward by considering alternatives that emerge from failure assumptions from all members, contributors or collaborators of a project. It broadens the scope of scenarios examined and can include key factors that help you stick to your path and succeed anyway!

«I created 9999 ways how it doesn’t work, before finding the one way that works».
Thomas Edison

When we turn on our lights at home or in our office, we see the result of Thomas Edison’s success. But wouldn’t he have failed forward several times, he wouldn’t have found out the one way that works. Plus, would you have guessed he was fired several times and even had teachers calling him unteachable?

We hear this often around scientists that experiment and there we tolerate it. In entrepreneurship though, the stigma of BEING a failure vs. HAVING a failure prevails in our culture. Luckily there are more than enough good examples – think Ariana Huffington, a successful publisher that prior had been rejected by more than 36 different publishers with her work, think Jeff Bezos who failed with his first start-up and even Bill Gates had various projects not succeed.

Part of their success is they did not give up and rather tried again. The other part of their success is the mindset around failure that made them keep going – and that’s what this workshop is about. Failing forward – how you’re ready for the entrepreneurial challenge.

Facts & figures about this workshop:
- Ideally you sign-up as a team
- 90-120 Minutes of workshop  
- followed by an apéro

- Input
- Workshop & Reflection
- Your own fail forward plan

This event will be held in English.