More than ever, we are experiencing uncertainty in our lives - in the world of work in particular. Now it’s the time to shape our future of work for good. Are you with us?

Training Content for 5 days in 5 weeks: 
The ‘new work’ training of futurepreneurship contains four modules:
1 Integrated Purpose
2 Effective Collaboration
3 Lean Change
4 Embrace Uncertainty

Each module includes several online training sessions and has a dedicated trainer guiding you through the sessions. Depending on the package you choose, you can even enrich your learning experience with a personalized coaching.

Module 1: Integrated Purpose

Have you asked yourself what drives you, what motivates you at work, and why you are doing what you are doing? Do you want to find purpose in your work but don’t know exactly how to find and live it at work? Do you feel that your own values are not yet integrated and appreciated in the world of work?
In this module, we use a funnel technique to better understand your unique drivers - the precondition for changing your personal ways of working. You gain clarity on your values and principles in order to define actionable steps that help you embody and live your purpose more and more every day.
COACHING FOCUS #1: The Feminine & Masculine Ways of Working

Module 2: Effective Collaboration

In a growingly complex world, collaboration and creativity are key in order to solve problems. Only if we enable new ways of thinking, if we work user-oriented, and if we take unbiased decisions, we will be able to master the challenges of today's volatile work environments.
This is exactly what you learn in this hands-on module: New age collaboration and problem-solving skills for agility. Let’s explore frameworks like Human-Centered Design, Design Sprints and Jobs-To-Be-Done together. Also, we look into cognitive science, decision-making based on consent and ideation tools, while not forgetting one of the most crucial elements of creativity: fun.
COACHING FOCUS #2: The Magic of Self-organized Teams

Module 3: Lean Change

In today's uncertain and volatile environments with constantly changing customer and market demands, companies face growing challenges. The key to success lies in a fast-learning organization that is flexible and efficient in addressing challenges as well as in enabling innovation.
In this module, you learn how to implement Lean Change Management in teams. It is about making the best use of existing resources and creating value in short cycles and with small experiments. A strong focus lies on the emotional intelligence of change leaders and the creation of an organizational culture that sees constant change as an opportunity is key.
COACHING FOCUS #3: Failing Forward Wanted

Module 4: Embrace Uncertainty

During times like these, it’s particularly important to take time to focus on your own resilience. Resilience can be described as your ability to maintain your mental wellbeing, even and especially when times are stressful and challenging.
This module offers practical and hands-on tips on how to manage uncertainty in order to remain steady, yet adaptable. By reflecting on your current situation and habits, you gather valuable insights. You learn how to align your energy needs in your daily work. Knowing how to manage your own energy gives you the strength to not just deal with uncertainty - but to be ready to embrace it.
COACHING FOCUS #4: The Power of Imperfection

  • DIGITAL SESSIONS: All training & coaching sessions are conducted digitally. The coaching is held in small groups (3-4 participants). In case times allow to meet in person, the coaching sessions are held offline in Zurich, Switzerland. 
  • PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: No special experiences required - all levels allowed. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT: This training is designed to be attended also with a full time job. Depending on the package you choose, you will be engaged around 5-8 hours per week.
  • LANGUAGE & MATERIAL: Sessions are held in English. If all participants agree, sessions can be held in German. You get access to complete module materials (in English), all training session recordings and hands-on tasks & guided reflection challenges.
  • CERTIFICATE: Participants get a training certificate after successful completion.
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